A Bad Haircut In The Wrong Barbershop

"Some time later, he fell in love with a woman in the Valley of Sorek whose name was Delilah. The rulers of the Philistines went to her and said, “See if you can lure him into showing you the secret of his great strength and how we can overpower him so we may tie him up and subdue him. Each one of us will give you eleven hundred shekels of silver.” Judges‬ ‭16:4-5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

A few years ago, I was called up to the pulpit to respond after a Women's Day message. It was at this moment I began to speak on "A Bad Haircut In The Wrong Barbershop." As I began to breakdown how we can be in the midst of the wrong company and it may cause all kind of chaos in life. I never got the chance to finish what I had to say on that day, but I will take the opportunity to share insight now.

When we read Judges 16 and how Delilah deceived Samson, we can quickly come to the conclusions and opinions of what we thought about Samson decision to tell Delilah where his strength lies. We can also assume that since he leaked such information that ultimately caused him pain, he was a failure. Well the point that we are missing, is that Samson was called from birth by God (Judges 13:5). He had an assignment on his life that only he could complete. But just as many of us, Samson wanted to be loved and he wanted to believe that Delilah loved him. So he trusted her with a secret that he was never to tell anyone. Him releasing his secret would be what many think to be his demise. But as we progress forward, we will learn otherwise.

Just as human as we are, so was Samson. No, he should not have trusted Delilah with his treasured gift. But just as Samson, we have been in a situation where we chose to reveal or share something that God has clearly spoken within us not to share or be mindful in what we share. Samson made the decision to lie his head on the lap of Delilah and share with her that his strength lied within his hair. That a razor should never touch his head. In the blink of an eye, Samson gave up his physical strength and that would eventually cause him his physical sight.

Even with all the Samson endured as his story continues, he still manages to pull himself together in his blinded state and humble down and cry out to God. He was chosen and his humbleness to God led to him to complete the calling that was on his life. Even though in the midst of completing his task, it cost him his life, the message we must learn from Samson is that when we feel we have fallen short, God can yet use us.

Samson lets us know that God will and can use a person of faith no matter how imperfect our lives may be. Be wise in who and what you share. There are places that God wants to take you but you must adhere to the vision, pray for a spirit of discernment and be selective and wise in your conversation.

In your weakness, God and His love is made perfect. Don't be caught in the wrong barbershop and lose sight of all God has ordained and promised in your life.

As I listened to the lyrics of Solange song "Don't Touch My Hair" and they went like this Don't touch my hair, when its"s the feelings I wear. Don't touch my soul, when it's the rhythm I know. Don't touch my crown, they say the vision I've found. Don't touch what's there, when it's the feelings I wear."

To me this song is saying I will not compromise my beliefs to satisfy others. I will not give you the opportunity to chime in on where my strength lies. It's nothing personal, but then again it is personal because this is about my relationship with my Father. Tap into your gift!

"Amazing grace. I once was blind, but now I see."

Peace and Blessings!

Nakia Davis,
Strength In Her


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