Strength In Fragments

Definition of Fragment: A small piece that comes off a larger whole; to fragment is to break.

We can all at some point recall being in school and you would have a writing assignment. In the midst of writing your story, you may write an incomplete sentence. When the teacher grades your paper and return it, you see in big red writing FRAG. That was the teachers way of letting you know that your sentence was incomplete. You were missing words or a key word to make your sentence whole. 

In life, we may often feel that we are missing key parts to make us whole. Or, we could feel as though we are whole in some areas but missing necessary parts in another area.  At any point in life, we can encounter a fragment of some kind. It can be bitterness, anger, worry, depression, anxiety, confidence and so many other things that keep one from feeling as a whole. Some feelings we cannot do anything about, since we are human, we are bound to having different emotions. But the one thing you can do, is give all the pieces to God. There are just some things beyond your control. You can dib and dab trying to handle it on your own, fast and pray but until you give the Fragments of your life to God, your pieces will continue to be shattered about.

Please do not think that because a fragment may indicate a negative in your life, you cannot gain Strength from it. That's totally not true. As with anything that comes in life, let it be a time to learn a lesson, experience the emotions, and enjoy the journey. What can be better to go from anger to having endless smiles. From feeling lack of confidence to looking in the mirror smiling and saying yes this is me and I love me just for who I am. By all means the atmosphere would be filled with praise when you're able to look depression in the face and say without a shadow of a doubt, "this joy that I have, the world did not give it to me and the world cannot take it away." In all we face in life, we are to Live Through It, Grow Through It so that others can see that if we take the bits and pieces of the fragments we are handed, somewhere in the midst of those pieces comes a Peace that will surpass all understanding.

I encourage you to know that Strength and Greatness Lies Within you when the fragments of life seem to be so overwhelming.

Remember this song by Ledsi. Take time to play it. Think things over and every time she gets to the verse that say "These Are The Pieces Of Me," look towards Heaven and let Him know you are giving Him the pieces of you in assurance that He will grant you Peace!

I'm a woman not afraid to be strong!!

People just don't know what I'm about
They haven't seen what's there behind my smile
There's so much more of me I'm showing now
(These are the pieces of me)
When it looks like I'm up sometimes I'm down
I'm alone even with people all around
But that don't change the happiness I found
(Theses are the pieces of me)
So when you look at my face
You gotta know that I'm made
Of everything love and pain
These are the pieces







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