Essence of Glory the Purple Pack Detox Steam
Essence of Glory the Purple Pack Detox Steam

Essence of Glory the Purple Pack Detox Steam

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The Purple Pack Detox is a complete detox steam. This steam helps to flush kidneys toxins, detoxifies the liver, alleviate menstrual cramps and bacterial infections. It’s also an excellent diuretic. Other benefits of the purple pack includes reducing inflammation, stress, and anxiety. This steam has a cooling effect and is best used right before bed. All herbs are 100% naturals.

Herbs include: 

Passion Flower Leaf- detoxes liver/flushes toxins

Peppermint Leaf- relieves menstrual cramps and bacterial infections

Lemon Balm Leaf- diuretic/reduces stress and anxiety

Spearmint Leaf- diuretic flushes toxins

Eucalyptus Leaf- promotes relaxation and skin health

Calendula- reduces inflammation

Rose Petals- reduces anxiety

Valerian Root- reduces anxiety/helps with insomnia 

Steam instructions: bring 4-6 cups of water to a boil. Place steam seat or bowl into toilet. Add whole 0.4oz packet of herbs to bowl or steam seat. Add hot water to bowl or steam seat. Wait 1-2 minutes to allow time to infuse. Wrap yourself in a towel, blanket, sheet, or oversized dress to keep steam in. Sit down relax and meditate for 15-30 minutes. When heat dies down, pour content into toilet bowl or garden. Rinse your Yoni with water and rest. 

Do not steam if you are pregnant, have a uterine device (IUD), menstruating, have an active internal infection, or have open sores or blisters. 

**Consult with your doctor about steaming postpartum.